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HobSafe helps to avoid costly mistakes

Leaving a hob switched on can prove very costly!

Posted by Hannah Vickers | January 15, 2017 | Facilities

At best, a waste of energy, at worst, the unthinkable! But, in-between, consider the inconvenience and time wasted for fire crews when an alarm is raised in non-emergency situations. This happens with monotonous regularity. Some fire services now charge for unnecessary call-outs, particularly if they occur regularly. Not only is this costly but can also compromise ‘real’ emergencies.

Cookers left on is one of the most common causes of fire and a major problem for the fire service.

HobSafe, is a timer that prevents hobs being left on should the cook be distracted. The simple-to-use, easy-to-install device switches the hob off after a predetermined time, ensuring the kitchen is left safe.

These days the quality of accommodation plays an important part in helping students feel at home when starting their exciting, new educational chapter.

Many universities and colleges are moving away from the old model of catered halls to rooms with en suite and self-catering facilities providing a more independent living experience with individual or communal kitchen areas.

Prefect Controls Ltd., the company behind HobSafe, have been manufacturing heating and lighting control systems specifically designed for student accommodation for many years and last year launched this all-new HobSafe timer specifically for 21st-century student living.

2017 sees the latest model becoming available, this being the two-gang HORIZONTAL unit which complements the more streamlined horizontal isolator switches now being fitted in many student kitchens. 

The robust tamper-proof model includes factory set – 15-, 20-, 30- or 45-minute run times – LED operation light and a re-set button for extended use. Due to the large terminals and switching capacity, electricians find it quick and easy to fit to any electric hob – in most cases in fewer than 30 minutes.

HobSafe is an inexpensive device giving peace of mind to landlords and accommodation managers looking to improve safety while saving money on energy use, installation and potential call-out charges from the fire service.

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