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Have you ever thought about printing the entire Internet?

TonerGiant have, and just as you'd imagine, the numbers are outrageous!

Posted by Joe Lawson-West | July 28, 2017 | Technology

The Internet is a huge, scary place when we really think about it. There are layers upon layers of information, just there, readily available for us to consume as we wish. Some of it is good, some of it’s fantastic, but there are some things on the Internet we’d really rather not see too.

Have you ever thought about printing the entire Internet out? TonerGiant have, and just as you’d imagine, the numbers are outrageous. It turns out that if you printed the Internet (not including the so called dark web) you could travel a quarter of the way to the sun. That’s 23.3 million miles of paper, all covered in the content we’re sifting our way through online each day. 

 As more people become Internet users each day, we could even reach the sun in a few years' time. Did you know that there are more than 250,000 tweets posted per minute, 2.5million posts on Instagram every minute, and a massive 3 million posts shared per minute on Facebook? According to Micro Focus, that’s a 300% growth since 2011. It’s predicted that all of these numbers will increase by around 20% in 2019 meaning even more content on the Internet. 

Judging by the fact we can already get from the Earth to the Moon 107 times, that figure will probably me more like 200 in 2019; it’s a wonder there’s enough space on the Internet for it all. As long as it’s more funny animal videos, and positive advice then surely the rapid growth of the Internet can only be seen as a good thing. There is more out there for us to learn from than ever before, and as long as you’ve got an Internet connection, it’s available to anyone, meaning education is practically free for those not fortunate enough to have it. 

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