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Ferco's Turn and Learn puts collaboration at the forefront

The British seating manufacturer's concept means that every student in a space can listen and be heard

Posted by Rob Bertels | June 23, 2017 | Facilities

At Ferco Seating we embrace the latest research and technology to create solutions that deliver for our education clients.  Our aim is to provide seats that are comfortable and practical for students as well as allowing lecturers the versatility they need to deliver the best possible education experience.

In today’s learning environments communication is vital, and collaborative learning is a key aspect of the pedagogical experience. Cooperation between peers unlocks different approaches and perspectives, allowing students to pool resources and constructively work towards their learning intentions.

The new Ferco Turn & Learn range allows every student to both listen and to be heard, whilst facilitating discussion and debate where learners are working in groups.

Rotation, rotation, rotation

Turn & Learn seating has been developed by Ferco’s experts to support today’s demanding learning environment. The alternate rows of seating swivel 360 degrees in one smooth motion, allowing students to engage in pair and group work, as well as traditional row-based learning. This means they get the very best out of a range of pedagogical approaches, with the minimum of disruption.  

Fitted for performance… and comfort

The swivel mechanism in Ferco’s Turn & Learn range contains an integrated gas lift for smooth, silent rotation, and the seat automatically returns to the original position once the students depart for their next lecture.

The FT10 Wrimatic Swivel moves flawlessly though 360 degrees to facilitate peer-to-peer learning in all directions. Seating also includes the renowned A3 Wrimatic writing tablet, suitable for both left and right-handed students, and can be fitted with data and electrical points to harness all the learning power at the disposal of the modern student. 

Flexible writing options

Ferco’s popular ARC seat has also been adapted to deliver Turn & Learn functionality with either an integrated A3 Wrimatic™ writing tablet, or a fixed writing ledge.  The seat rotates through 360 degrees to enable students to share and discuss their perspectives within a lecture setting.

Additionally, both the FT10 and ARC Swivel seats have been designed for ergonomic and postural support, with a contoured back that focuses on supporting the lumbar region and promotes correct sitting posture. 

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