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EPoS in HE - a university's perspective

Carlos Ramos, Epos Now, asks Will Greasley, Enterprises Manager at Northampton about the university's recent investment in EPoS

Posted by Rianna Newman | September 19, 2017 | Facilities

What were your main reasons for investing in a new EPoS system?

For us, loyalty capability was the main factor; the ability to take data from our tills, turn it into relevant aggregate data and create offers bespoke to our individual customers. This would give us the evidence to assess what they need now, rather than just what we think they need. By tailoring our offers to match this, we can enhance the student experience.

Why did you choose Epos Now?

We heard very positive feedback from current customers within the same sector; such as De Montfort University

The main key factor was their level of operation in certain universities in London, this gave us the full confidence that they could scale up with us and provide the various capabilities and technology we have been searching for. This included being a cloud-based system, which allows us to work remotely and analyse data from any of our locations.

Can you describe how the partnership has developed?

Our partnership with Epos Now began in January 2017 and immediately gave us enhanced benefits when working with our customers. The partnership grew rapidly, through existing and new sites, and our improved CRM system. We are moving towards not just catering for students, but the general public as well, through bespoke, individual loyalty schemes.

What is your EPoS end goal?

From a commercial perspective, we want to ensure we service the needs of our students’ union, whilst staying within budget. Our eureka moment was when we could see our customers were instantly recognisable from our systems. 

We have a close relationship with all the members and work our business towards individual needs rather than business needs.

We want to understand and target our previously hard-to-reach customers and convert them into engaged members. With reciprocal commercial benefits, our membership service can then understand what they want and tailor our services to meet their needs.

What are the key challenges you face as a university?

From a students’ union perspective, our businesses move from our existing campus to include the town centre and the new Waterside Campus, will mean that existing entities will follow us, and new ones will join, thus creating new challenges. 

People have a choice between the town centre and the new campus, therefore we need to ensure our offering is the most relevant and the most dynamic to retain our level of customers.

A students’ union is all about engagement in commercial and non-commercial areas. 

Doing this across different locations is our biggest challenge.

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