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Engage young minds with immersive AV learning environments

James Meredith, Product Experience Manager at WyreStorm Technologies, explains how

Posted by Rob Bertels | January 10, 2017 | Technology

It’s no secret higher education in the digital age is less a place for students to absorb information from a lecturer than it is a place to interact with technologies that enrich the learning experience.  Engaging students in the subject matter is at the heart of all technology in the room.Multiple displays, projectors and smart-boards with the ability to wirelessly screen-share from cameras, laptops, computers, tablets and smartphones are all increasingly features of the modern classroom, with the technology used to distribute and control that AV content essential in its successful application.

For universities, AV solutions ideally need to offer scalability within an existing infrastructure to be cost effective, with rock solid reliability and simplicity of both set-up and use that allows faculty staff and students to focus on the class rather than the technology used within it.

The convergence of AV and IP is opening exciting opportunities for AV content delivery in education environments. WyreStorm’s award-winning NetworkHD™ solutions facilitate an enhanced learning experience with highly scalable, campuswide AV distribution and control of 2K and 4K content over a standard IP network. Imagine an AV system as that’s as flexible as classroom scheduling; where routing AV in-room, to overflow spaces or clear across campus is a press of a button, not a call to the IT department.  Imagine a truly collaborative work environment, where work from any student on any device in the class can be shared instantly on any screen, projector or smart-board on the network in crystal clear quality.  Imagine increasing student engagement while decreasing costs for maximum return on investment.  This is NetworkHD. Reliable, intuitive and responsive, the NetworkHD line includes wired and wireless multi-input presentation switching with WyreStorm ScreenLink™ collaboration software, multi-view scaling and video wall support.  NetworkHD also supports full control via leading third-party control systems, including WyreStorm Enado and the free NetworkHD Touch™ app for iPad. UB

See NetworkHD in action at ISE 2017  on WyreStorm booth #5-S100.

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